Bubble Car

Why did they build Micro Cars?

There are many similar stories about how all these different vehicles began.  This all started at the turn of the century (1900) when people were just plan tired of walking. Even a horse and buggy offered little if any protection from the elements.

The movement around the world to develop some form of transportation that would help people get around and stay dry began.

With little money and very limited materials, many attempts were made. Some like the ill fated pedal car just didn’t offer the right answer to moving the family around. After World War II, at the worst time for the shortage of all resources, did a few free thinking designers come up with a simple, yet inexpensive solution – the “Bubble Car”.

Taking a scooter motor and building a tubular frame and thin metal body, a car was born! Light in weight, a very small motor to keep the cost down, a seat for 2-3 people, and a roof of canvas or even metal, started to offer a little protection.

The rest is history; 65 years later, and a vast array of different models, we have a segment of the market that offers a thrifty solution to the market – MICRO CARS!